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Abortion Options /Surgical procedures between 6-14 weeks

Elective surgical abortions can be performed between six weeks and viability (usually estimated at 24 weeks). Surgical procedures done in the first trimester are safe, quick, and highly effective.

The procedure begins with the gradual and gentle opening of the cervix by a series of narrow, tapered rods called dilators. When your cervix is wide enough to admit it, the doctor will insert into the uterus a small plastic tube that is attached to a suction machine, similar to the one dentists use to clear the mouth of saliva. The tube is moved within the uterus for a minute or two, in order to remove all of the pregnancy tissue by gentle aspiration. The doctor may also gently check the walls of the uterus with a small looped instrument called a curette.

You may opt to be sedated during your procedure. Two types of anesthesia may be available: twilight sleep sedation and general anesthesia. Twilight Sleep will relax you, reduce discomfort and block your memory. You will be in a "twilight" state between asleep and awake. Some facilities offer general anesthesia, which will put you into an unconscious state during the procedure.
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