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Pregnancy / I think I might be pregnant. What should I do?

Take a pregnancy test. You can buy one at a drug store or go to a local clinic or provider for a free or low cost test. Over-the-counter urine pregnancy tests are very reliable and can be taken early in pregnancy (approximately two weeks from the act of intercourse or if you do not get your period when you expect it.)

If it has been less than 5 days since intercourse, you may still be able to prevent pregnancy with emergency contraception. Sometimes called "the morning-after pill," emergency contraception contains high doses of the same hormones found in birth control pills and is most effective within 72 hours after intercourse. Emergency contraception can be taken up to 120 hours after intercourse with slightly less efficacy. Emergency contraception is very safe and up to 950.000000e+0ffective at preventing pregnancy. Call 1-800-ABORTION for the nearest emergency contraception provider.

If you have missed a period and your pregnancy test shows a negative result, you may want to take another test in a couple of days to one week. If this test is also negative, you should visit either your private doctor or one of our providers to find out what is causing you to miss your period. Lack of menstruation could be a symptom of a medical problem or (rarely) you could be getting a false negative from your pregnancy test.

If your pregnancy test has a positive result, you now need to consider your options. Many resources are available to you when considering whether or not to continue this pregnancy. You can find some non-judgmental information by looking on this site or by calling the Pro-Choice Hotline. Some women also consult with people they trust, such as family, friends, and community resources or clergy, when making their decision. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what the best option for you is.

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