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Sexual Assault / I was raped. Can you help me?

We urge you to go to the police or a hospital and report the assault immediately. Do not bathe, change your clothes, or brush your teeth, as the hospital staff may be able to collect samples of your attacker's hair and DNA to be used as evidence if it is still present on you. Most hospitals will give you emergency contraception and referral to local crisis resources in addition to helping you to press charges against your attacker.

There are many other resources for survivors of sexual assault that we urge you to access even if you have not reported your assault. The National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-HOPE) is an excellent, confidential resource. We urge you to confide in someone for support even if you do not contact any of these resources.

Should your rape result in pregnancy and you wish to terminate it, some abortion providers are able to waive fees for rape victims who are unable to afford the procedure. If you need this grant, please call the Pro-Choice Hotline to find a provider near you who is able to participate in this program. Generally, providers must receive documentation of reporting the assault to the police, a hospital, counseling service, or other resource.
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